New Home - Personalised Poem Print (7x5)
New Home - Personalised Poem Print (7x5)
New Home - Personalised Poem Print (7x5)
New Home - Personalised Poem Print (7x5)
New Home - Personalised Poem Print (7x5)
New Home - Personalised Poem Print (7x5)
Unique Word Designs

New Home - Personalised Poem Print (7x5)

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Looking for something a little different as a gift for a new home, or if someone is leaving Jersey to move away - this is the perfect gift

The print can be sent unframed if they are travelling - or framed / wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it until it reaches its new home

* Your print will be personalised & a proof sent to you
* It will then be printed & a mount can be attached
* A few clear gems can be added to give your print a little sparkle if you choose mount & gems
* It will be sealed in a cello sleeve and sent in a hard backed envelope
   to keep it safe during its journey to you


* It will be framed in a Polcore frame in Brushed White

* To cut down on postage costs and breakages, this frame is supplied with a perspex front rather than glass (Jersey collections will be glass)



1. Choose  Print / Mounted Print / Framed Print
2. Add to Cart
3. Add a note to your order
(include personalisation & poem, colour choice)

please don't worry - a proof will be sent to make sure it's perfect for you



OUR UNIQUE WORDS (2 poems available - can be amended too)

Poem 1 –  Fridge


May your fridge always be fully stocked and you never run out of drink
May your dishwasher never break down & dishes overflow in the sink
May  you always have toilet paper and your loo is always block free
May your kettle never give up and you always have coffee and tea
May you always find enough money to pay every household bill
And  drinks are the only thing in your home that ever feel a chill
May each of  your  duvet  covers always be  simple  and  quick  to  change
And you never discover a smell that’s mysterious and strange
May  you never get woodworm, see a spider or a mouse
May you always feel peaceful and relaxed
In your wonderful, brand new house

The last lines can be amended as follows

Hope you have a lovely journey as you travel over the sea
And your new Irish adventure is as happy as can be



Poem 2 – Boxes

Now  that  the  boxes are unpacked hope you’re finally settling in
to  turn  this  place  into  a  home you can  at  last  begin
your  wonderful  new home will be a place  where dreams  are  made
It will keep you warm in winter and in summer give you shade
Wishing that your lovely home is always filled  with  laughter  and  cheer
and happiness  surrounds  you  each  day  throughout  the  year
Really  hope  your new  home  brings  you good  luck  and   happiness
and you spend many happy years at your lovely new address





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